About Century Group
  • Plant 3 in Hangzhou EAS/RFID Label and Tags
  • Plant 2 in Hangzhou RF Label Production
  • Plant 1 in Hangzhou RFID Research Center
  • Yangzhou RFID label production

Hangzhou Century Co., Ltd was established in November, 2003 and listed on Shenzhen(China) Stock Exchange in April, 2010(Stock Short Name: “思創醫惠”, Stock Code: 300078.SZ).

Century serves as a well-known brand in the Retail Industry, which is the earliest listed company in the Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) Industry in China. Century also specializes in Radio Frequency Identification System (RFID) standardization, as well as the development and services of customized hardware products and industry application solutions. This makes Century a pioneer and leader in the innovation of retail technical support. Century provides retail-related companies the most professional and effective technical support services in the supply chain system. The supply chain system consists of raw material management and process control in factories; traceability management in product distribution; and finally inventory counting, loss prevention and the customer shopping experience in retail stores. Century’s technical support services throughout this process consequently provide strong support to boost sales as well as improve management and marketing of retail companies.

Century expanded its business to the Medical Care Industry through acquisition and integration in 2015. At present, Century is the leading company in China’s Intelligent Medical Care Industry. Century advocates the idea of “Simple and intelligent medical care”, and is developing an intelligent medical care and health service system for medical institutions; basic health facilities; nursing institutions for the aged as well as for general health management. Century aims to provide real-time medical information for residents and medical facilities; greatly promote China’s medical reform; increase medical benefits and improve national health.

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