Quality Assurance



Four stage inspection process compliant with ISO9001, ISO4001, fully compliant with RoSH and SGS certified.

Century aims to build a green and environmentally responsible future. Century has committed itself to environmental protection by investing heavily in waste cleaning and process waste reduction techniques.

Achieved ISO9001:2000 quality certification in 2004

Achieved ISO4001:2004 environmental certification in 2009 

Achieved RoSH certification standards Achieved REACH certification Standards 

Century is an environmentally responsible manufacturer within the electronics industry.

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At Century we enjoy work, enjoy life, enjoy growth and persue a brilliant career and a better life.


With the fast development, Century are devoting ourselves to repay community all the time. We are engaged in charities with professional and transparent activities. Donation to Wenchuan earthquake disaster area, donation to Hangzhou country development, donation to employees in need, and care for pregnant employees, we do whatever we can to help, and believe love is everywhere.

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