Metal Detection Systems Defeat Organized Retail Crime

Century has launched Metal Detection Systems which are designed to fight against organized retail crime (ORC) using foil-lined bags (booster bags), which can shield the electromagnetic detection field of both AM and RF EAS systems, to steal commodities from stores in volume.

The metal detection systems including Metalguard system and Hyperguard system. Metalguard system is adopted by most of stores, especially popular for apparel shops. Hyperguard system is mainly for stores where metal trollies are used. Also, it can be installed at the general entrances/exits of fitting rooms or other closed areas, detecting magnetic detachers brought in. However, please keep in mind in this case that false alarms might happen from time to time caused by magnets inside some items, e.g. shoes, bags, cases, etc., rather than magnetic detachers.

Hyper Metalguard WEB圖.jpg

Century’s Metal Detection Systems are including the features: wide & accurate detection, integrated audible & Visual Alert, software configuration, remote service and so on.

With elegant and transparent antenna frames, Century’s metal detection systems are the optimal choice for clients with high requirement on in-store environment.

Getting interested in Century’s new antennas, feel free to contact us at [email protected] for details.

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